Yellow Jacket 78075 water Clearance SALE! Limited time! manometer Made durable plastic of a Yellow Jacket 78075 water Clearance SALE! Limited time! manometer Made durable plastic of a $25 Yellow Jacket 78075 water manometer Made of a durable plastic Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,durable,a,Yellow,78075,of,,manometer,$25,Jacket,/lowliness1635480.html,plastic,water,Made Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,durable,a,Yellow,78075,of,,manometer,$25,Jacket,/lowliness1635480.html,plastic,water,Made $25 Yellow Jacket 78075 water manometer Made of a durable plastic Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect

Yellow Jacket 78075 water Clearance SALE Limited time manometer Made durable Quantity limited plastic of a

Yellow Jacket 78075 water manometer Made of a durable plastic


Yellow Jacket 78075 water manometer Made of a durable plastic

Product description

Economical plastic tube manometer helps you set manifold pressure for natural or L.P. gas. Goes to -2" W.C. for newer systems. Strong magnet on manometer holds it in convenient upright position. Includes tubing with fitting. Made in the USA.

Yellow Jacket 78075 water manometer Made of a durable plastic



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