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Elomi Amazonia Sweetheart Underwire ES7163 Ranking TOP20 Bikini Max 86% OFF

Elomi Amazonia Sweetheart Underwire Bikini (ES7163)


Elomi Amazonia Sweetheart Underwire Bikini (ES7163)

Product description

Elomi Amazonia Sweetheart Underwire Bikini (ES7163) is a new Elomi swim top shape with a sweetheart neckline and superior shaping and support. The three-piece cup and vertical seams create a rounded and uplifted shape and a more traditional bikini top style. The cups, straps, and back are all cut from a slightly textured, iridescent fabric in a vibrant Mango color, a mix of bright coral and orange that is designed to flatter a variety of skin tones. A Rouleau detail at the center front adds interest to this new Elomi swim offering that is anything but basic. Coordinate with the matching Elomi Classic Brief (ES7166), or mix and match with either the Elomi Amazonia Brief (ES7164) or Elomi Amazonia Classic Brief (ES7165) (all swim bottoms sold separately).

Elomi Amazonia Sweetheart Underwire Bikini (ES7163)

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